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17 July 2009 @ 04:02 pm
Wired's military tech blog Danger Room has the best press release I've seen in some time. Company Denies its Robots Feed on the Dead.

It does seem that any time the idea of a robot powered by foraging for biomass is mentioned, fears that they'll rise up like carnivorous terminators seems to follow. Of course giving the thing a name with the acronym EATR, probably doesn't help. Of course we do know that robots think people taste like bacon so maybe there is cause to worry.
25 June 2009 @ 04:25 pm
BBC has the best headline I've seen in some time. Stoned wallabies make crop circles.

I've always figured some kind of intoxicant was involved in crop circles. Even if you buy the alien explanation, those aliens are likely the extraterrestrial equivalent of drunken frat-boys doing doughnuts on your lawn. The comments on the article are pretty good so far too.
21 October 2008 @ 12:25 pm
On the way back from DVC today I noticed a truck with a campaign sticker or sign on the back. Pretty common, except who the sticker was for. Dewey - Warren.

The truck looked old, but not quite THAT old. On the other hand at least they backed a winner.
04 December 2007 @ 08:39 pm
I am of course referring to The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel.

This isn't exactly new but recently I've talked to several people who haven't read this brilliant article. It's a bit long, but you really do need to read it.
02 December 2007 @ 11:44 pm
I should be in bed, but I didn't get up untill 5 so I should be ok for tomorrow. Besides, I have important news for you....
Anteaters are truly awesome. While screwing around the other day I found the Flicker page for TamanduaGirl. She's got a pair of anteaters (Tamanduas) as pets. I didn't know anteaters had this much personality, I just new they looked neat. Now again I'm a bit bummed that I'm probably going to UC Davis which has a lame mascot (a horse) instead of UC Irvine which has an anteater for a mascot. But for my major it's mostly going to be either Davis or Cal Poly which also has a lame horse for a mascot. Why don't more colleges understand the importance of having a cool mascot instead of something lame like a horse or bear? Anteaters, geoducks and banana slugs are much better choices.

Anteater with Easy Cheese

Anteater in dryer

Isn't that so much cooler than a horse?
18 October 2007 @ 06:29 pm
I once again have fully functional intertubes.

Getting a router and using NAT solved the my problem, or works around it to be more precise. I also had to redo my Ethernet jack, but that wasn't the full original problem, because plugging in with a different cable had the same problem previously. The Comcastards weren't very helpful, but I'm up so things are all right.
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11 October 2007 @ 09:56 pm
I wasn't really planning on spending the entire day at DVC, 7.5 hours in the math lab (and 2 hours of assorted breaks and other running around*) seems a bit excessive. Especially considering it's just a quiz tomorrow not a full test. Well at least it's less work to prepare for next Wednesday's test. And it's not like I'd really have used that time for anything worthwhile anyway. But still, getting home from school a half hour before my self imposed bedtime is silly.

*spent at least a half hour trying to find a damn phone, it looks like most of them were simply yanked (one still had a dangling bundle of wires). I finally found a single phone off by the library so I could tell my mom to not freak out, I haven't been eaten by a grue (just partial derivatives).
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10 October 2007 @ 12:14 pm
Whining is what LJ is for isn't it? Well I've still got plenty of things to whine about but I'll focus on one. My networking trouble. My net connection is still buggered, if slightly less so then it was. I can actually get to LJ and Wikipedia now, and can also get to my friends page, but posting comments or even reading some are still not possible on my computer (I'm using a different one to post this obviously). Downloads and streaming video and such occasionally work, but not often.

It's really pissing me off, everything I've tried hasn't worked, and I've tried a lot. Tried a different NIC, and it won't get an IP (we possibly reached our IP limit and it won't release IPs from hardware that's no longer in use). Tried manually entering in a known good IP, subnet mask, gateway, ect. and it won't work at all, I think they may be MAC address locked, or simply DHCP is required. Tried different cables, same problem (it's not the cables), tried plugging directly into the cable modem, no change. Tried forcing a different IP and even subnet, no change (it's not on a damaged subnet). Tried a fresh Windows install on a different hard drive and got the same issues so it's not a software corruption. Tried my computer on a different connection and it works fine (even the new NIC) so it's not a hardware problem. Tried spoofing the MAC address from the old motherboard to get past possible MAC address locking and there is no change.

All my theories about what it could be keep getting knocked down, but I'm almost certain that whatever the problem is, it's not on my end, it's Comcast. Of course Comcast has been no help. I should probably call them again, but I don't see what they can do, they just want to reboot cable modems and make sure DHCP is on. They only understand work fully/doesn't work at all type of problems "If you can get to web pages, your connection must be working fine." Maybe I should see if they can replace the cable modem, I have no evidence of it not working, but it's at least something more to try.
28 September 2007 @ 06:15 pm
I completed the upgrades on my computer and things are truly groovy, with one exception. I'm having network trouble. Many web pages work fine, but certain other ones (like Livejournal) I can't get to at all and trying to download anything doesn't work. I can't even ping the web sites I can get to. At first I thought it was Comcast being Comcastic as it tends to do, but the other computers in the house are fine (that's how I'm posting this) but mine is still acting odd. So I figure it must be something with the onboard ethernet controller on the new motherboard. I tried updating the drivers but same results. Do any of you have a spare PCI NIC that I could borrow to test if it is indeed the built in controller?
26 September 2007 @ 09:18 pm
Did a 6 hour session in the math lab (with a one hour break) today. I think I'm mostly ready for the test, (I don't think I can do anymore without my brains leaking out my ears) but I thought I was last time too.

So unsurprisingly I've been thinking about DVC.

We've got a pretty big number of international students at DVC which is pretty neat. I'm not entirely sure why they come to DVC of all places, I always thought that international students came for the big Universities, but I guess they probably go here for the same reasons the locals do. It's a lot cheaper and you have a good chance of transferring somewhere to the biggies later.

When people are having conversations in the math lab, being in a foreign language actually makes it a bit less distracting for me, another advantage of having all the international students.

Campus wildlife is nice to have. Watching them can help relieve the brain liquefaction. DVC doesn't have quite the squirrel concentration as some of the great schools but we do have some cool birds. There must be a metric assload of hummingbirds (and it takes a lot of them to load an ass), I don't see them too often (hard to see something that small and fast) but hear them all the time. And while the ducks in the pond are kind of cool, I love watching the pair of cormorants (I'm pretty sure thats what they are) that have been hanging around lately as they swim back and forth diving for fish. And then there is the "whatever those are" that are always perched in a particular tree down there. Maybe some kind of small heron, hard to tell from underneath.

And while it's not DVC, I stopped by the new location for Black Diamond games on my way home. Very nice. Much much larger than that postage stamp sized place they used to be. It seemed busy too, I hope it stays that way. Always support your FLGS.