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26 September 2007 @ 09:18 pm
Did a 6 hour session in the math lab (with a one hour break) today. I think I'm mostly ready for the test, (I don't think I can do anymore without my brains leaking out my ears) but I thought I was last time too.

So unsurprisingly I've been thinking about DVC.

We've got a pretty big number of international students at DVC which is pretty neat. I'm not entirely sure why they come to DVC of all places, I always thought that international students came for the big Universities, but I guess they probably go here for the same reasons the locals do. It's a lot cheaper and you have a good chance of transferring somewhere to the biggies later.

When people are having conversations in the math lab, being in a foreign language actually makes it a bit less distracting for me, another advantage of having all the international students.

Campus wildlife is nice to have. Watching them can help relieve the brain liquefaction. DVC doesn't have quite the squirrel concentration as some of the great schools but we do have some cool birds. There must be a metric assload of hummingbirds (and it takes a lot of them to load an ass), I don't see them too often (hard to see something that small and fast) but hear them all the time. And while the ducks in the pond are kind of cool, I love watching the pair of cormorants (I'm pretty sure thats what they are) that have been hanging around lately as they swim back and forth diving for fish. And then there is the "whatever those are" that are always perched in a particular tree down there. Maybe some kind of small heron, hard to tell from underneath.

And while it's not DVC, I stopped by the new location for Black Diamond games on my way home. Very nice. Much much larger than that postage stamp sized place they used to be. It seemed busy too, I hope it stays that way. Always support your FLGS.