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10 October 2007 @ 12:14 pm
Yet more whining  
Whining is what LJ is for isn't it? Well I've still got plenty of things to whine about but I'll focus on one. My networking trouble. My net connection is still buggered, if slightly less so then it was. I can actually get to LJ and Wikipedia now, and can also get to my friends page, but posting comments or even reading some are still not possible on my computer (I'm using a different one to post this obviously). Downloads and streaming video and such occasionally work, but not often.

It's really pissing me off, everything I've tried hasn't worked, and I've tried a lot. Tried a different NIC, and it won't get an IP (we possibly reached our IP limit and it won't release IPs from hardware that's no longer in use). Tried manually entering in a known good IP, subnet mask, gateway, ect. and it won't work at all, I think they may be MAC address locked, or simply DHCP is required. Tried different cables, same problem (it's not the cables), tried plugging directly into the cable modem, no change. Tried forcing a different IP and even subnet, no change (it's not on a damaged subnet). Tried a fresh Windows install on a different hard drive and got the same issues so it's not a software corruption. Tried my computer on a different connection and it works fine (even the new NIC) so it's not a hardware problem. Tried spoofing the MAC address from the old motherboard to get past possible MAC address locking and there is no change.

All my theories about what it could be keep getting knocked down, but I'm almost certain that whatever the problem is, it's not on my end, it's Comcast. Of course Comcast has been no help. I should probably call them again, but I don't see what they can do, they just want to reboot cable modems and make sure DHCP is on. They only understand work fully/doesn't work at all type of problems "If you can get to web pages, your connection must be working fine." Maybe I should see if they can replace the cable modem, I have no evidence of it not working, but it's at least something more to try.